[CDBUG-talk] Captive portal on different subnet?

Jaime jaime at snowmoon.com
Wed Jun 25 22:39:41 EDT 2008

	I was hoping to set up a captive portal (a.k.a. catch-and-release  
proxy) at work for the entire WAN.  Anyone know if this would work?   
In other words, a user on the 10.5.x.x subnet may request a web page  
and the request goes to the 10.1.x.x subnet and then to the router/ 
proxy box.  I'd like the box to then challenge the user for a name and  
password.  Can this be done?

	Currently, I am using a transparent proxy.  I can get an HTTP  
authenticating proxy working, but then the user has to enter their  
proxy settings.  A nice big "Enter your name and password and agree to  
this Acceptable Use Policy" appearing in the browser would allow the  
users to use any web browser that they wanted, including EEE PC  
systems, FireFox on Mac, etc.  :)

							Thanks in advance,

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