[CDBUG-talk] FreeBSD & 8GB RAM

Kevin McAleavey kevinmca1 at verizon.net
Thu Dec 31 18:13:11 EST 2009

At 09:19 PM 12/30/2009, Jaime wrote:
>OK, I'm pretty much wishing I had a set of 64 bit binaries on this box, now. :)
>I'm used to using cvsup and make world and mergemaster and so on.
>I've been doing it for about a decade.  Given that level of sysadmin
>skill, do you guys think that I could handle switching the box from 32
>bits to 64 bits?  Is there anything in the FreeBSD documentation or
>even unofficial documentation about this process?
>Much thanks for the help so far!

I'd have to agree with Patrick ... and just bite in and make the move to the 8 version 64 bit. As I said before, it's extremely good and solid. But so many changes (amusing how the advance notes said not to expect much, but it's really quite an improvement) have taken place that there's no point in trying to reuse anything from the 32 bit 7 version world. You'll find numerous changes throughout everything and if you use GUI at all, gnome and KDE are vastly improved over what was in the 7 version. If you're with Gnome though, it just went to 2.28 which is not in the distribution yet. You'd have to build that from ports.

Though it'll be a PITA, you'll be very pleased with the new version and you'll be that far ahead of the game. So MANY improvements though, and ZFS really works! 
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