[CDBUG-talk] OT: iSCSI SAN question

Jonathan Franks jonathan.franks at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 21:13:11 EDT 2009

Hey folks,

I'm looking to build an iSCSI SAN. The trouble is that the pricing coming in
from our vendors is in the 20-30K range and this just won't fly.

I've been looking at the Promise VTM610i (
http://www.promise.com/product/product_detail_eng.asp?product_id=185  ) and
I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these (or similar) units. A
quick price check seemed to indicate that we could deploy this unit with
~24TB (which is way more than we need) for around 7K. I was thinking of
coupling it with an HP Procurve 1800 24T smart switch for what seems to be
an extremely affordable iSCSI SAN beginning.

So I'm wondering if I am just dreaming here, or if this hardware is up to
the task. Keep in mind that we do not really need an enterprise grade
solution, but I don't want to end up wasting 7 or 8 grand either.

Anyhow, I'd appreciate any thoughts that you guys might have on this.

Also, more on topic - should we have ourselves a meeting?

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