[CDBUG-talk] Port management

Kevin McAleavey kevinmca1 at verizon.net
Fri Jan 29 23:50:14 EST 2010

At 10:13 AM 1/29/2010, Chuck Atkins wrote:
>My experience with portupgrade for workstation / desktop oriented systems has been unwieldy at best.  Doing any sort of operation repair or fix on it's database is excruciatingly slow.  I actually like using pre-built packages for most things and I like how portmaster combines pre-built packages with the source-built ports.  I'm giving it a whirl for now and we'll see how it goes.

 The prebuilt packages are nice and all, but they end up frozen in time in the release builds. 8-RELEASE was particularly frustrating with respect to Gnome as it came with the 2.26 release which had numerous issues, particularly with USB, policykit and hal ... shortly after the official release, Gnome 2.28 was released and it solved many of those problems.

 I too prefer to stick with the official packages, but sometimes they're not all they could be and thus struggling with ports becomes necessary at some point. Of course better than 500 ports at once can get quite interesting, which is why I probably didn't mind how long pkgdb -Ffu took by comparison.  :) 
Kevin McAleavey
KNOS Project

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