[CDBUG-talk] It is a new year. Is there a meeting?

Jonathan Franks jonathan.franks at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 20:43:55 EST 2013

On Jan 12, 2013, at 12:29 PM, Jaime <jaime at snowmoon.com> wrote:

> On Jan 11, 2013, at 11:44 AM, Patrick Muldoon <doon at inoc.net> wrote:
>> yes we need to set something up. I can host here at INOC, or we can meet somewhere else.  Just need to come up with consensus on date / time. 
> What about meeting in a place like Professor Java's on Wolf Rd.?  I can't remember if I already asked that, so I apologize if this is a repeat.
I believe that in the past we found INOC preferable to Panera, though it does necessitate Patrick being present. 

I'm relatively flexible regarding meeting times, at least until March.


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