[CDBUG-talk] Drinks? Party? Meetings?

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Tue Aug 19 15:23:08 EDT 2014

On Aug 19, 2014, at 3:00 PM, Brian Callahan <bcallah at devio.us> wrote:

> Hi everyone --
> I'm up here in Troy now, getting adjusted to life as a Ph.D. student at RPI.
> Wondering if anyone wants to take a break from busy lives and do drinks or some such.

Big assumption I actually have much of a life anymore. LOL 

but sure sounds good to me. 

We can meet @ INOC’s offices if everybody would like. Or someplace that has $beverages. 


PS sorry if anybody receives this twice, but I never see my responses go back to the list, so trying again unsigned. 

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