[CDBUG-talk] December 9: CDBUG Holiday Meeting

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Thu Nov 27 13:53:54 EST 2014

Hi CDBUG and Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark your calendars! The next CDBUG meeting will be on December 9, 6:45 
PM at INOC (80 State St., Albany). This meeting will feature audience 
participation - everyone gets 5 minutes (or so) to talk about some *BSD 
topic of their choice.

Topics could include, but certainly are not limited to:
* What the BSDs do for me.
* What the BSDs are doing well.
* What the BSDs need to do better.
* I need help with *BSD!
* Some really neat maintenance trick.

The perfect meeting for everyone, whether you're a decades-experienced 
sysadmin, a dev, "just a user," or someone looking to get started. Come 
and share your knowledge!

As always, please feel free to spread this announcement around.


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