[CDBUG-talk] OpenBSD talks and FreeBSD books!

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Sun Oct 19 12:54:08 EDT 2014

Hi team --

Just sending out a reminder that if you can get out of work a bit early 
this coming Friday, I'll be giving an OpenBSD talk at RPI in DCC 318 
from 5-7. It's big picture history of *BSD dating back to UC Berkeley, 
followed by a discussion of the security mitigation techniques pioneered 
by OpenBSD (a basic introduction, since many of the students are only 
beginners), and finally an overview of OpenBSD culture (e.g. "I heard 
you OpenBSD guys were mean!"). So something for everyone! Hope to see 
you there.

If you're running OpenBSD on your laptop and want me to toss you the 
example programs I'll be using with the students, let me know. Otherwise 
there will be an OpenBSD/i386 -current (Oct 17 snapshot) VirtualBox VM 
available to download (I'll post back with a link once I know it).

Also, our friends at Pearson have generously provided us with some 
review copies of the new Design and Implementation of FreeBSD, 2nd Ed. 
book. I have two copies left, I guess best way to do this is first come, 
first served or some sort of give-away at the next CDBUG meeting. You 
have to promise that when you're ready, you'll write a quality Amazon 

Talk to you all soon!


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