[CDBUG-talk] Once is great... but we can do better!

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Tue Sep 23 20:48:36 EDT 2014

Hey team --

It was great meeting everyone who came out last week to the CDBUG 
meetup. But I know we can do better! :)

I'm as committed to making CDBUG a vibrant, healthy, and engaging 
community as you all as a community are willing to let me. I can't and 
won't promise the moon, but there's no reason we can't work to emulate 
NYC*BUG's model, which I've found to be really successful.

I think the first easy thing to do is settle on a regular time. Let's 
say once a month: if I could entice you to give up one day/evening a 
month to do something *BSD related (or occasionally just be social - 
we're humans after all, it's healthy for us) what would work best?

I'm happy to make this thing worthwhile for all of us (though I'm happy 
to get volunteers to help me out!) so let's make it happen!

Also, for those of you close to RPI: I'm giving a talk all about OpenBSD 
on October 24 for RPISEC, the RPI computer security club. I'll be doing 
a big history of BSD and how the different projects relate to one 
another, then going in depth with the security history of OpenBSD. Think 
of this as 2 hours for me talking and wowing the next generation of 
OpenBSD (and *BSD in general) developers. The talk will be from 5-7, not 
sure where yet but I'll keep everyone updated. I know it bumps right up 
against the Friday work day but I'd be thrilled to see some CDBUG people 


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