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David Solomonoff drsolomonoff at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 14:43:36 EDT 2015

Is there a BSD alternative to arkOS,  https://arkos.io - a Linux
personal server running on SBC's such as the Raspberry Pi? Similar to
the FreedomBox but actually is running code.

This could be a great presentation as well as an interesting outreach
project - perhaps working with the Center of Gravity to help
non-technies to use.


On 03/27/2015 11:08 PM, Brian Callahan wrote:
> Hi team --
> CDBUG is always on the lookout for speakers. We take all talks BSD/Unix
> related :)
> We're especially interested in first-time speakers. NYC*BUG and
> NYCBSDCon has been especially successful at providing a space for new
> speakers to present in a supportive, no-pressure environment and I'd
> love to see CDBUG emulate that model. Many speakers who got their start
> at NYC*BUG have gone on to give talks at major conferences. And that
> should be us too!
> So anything you want to talk about we want to listen to! Don't feel like
> you need to be a developer to give a talk: the best talks I've seen have
> come from people who could consider themselves "just users."
> And we are most definitely willing to work with you to make your talk as
> positive an experience for you as it will be for us.
> We could use speakers for:
> April 14
> May 12
> If you don't want to announce talk ideas in public, you can email them
> privately to cdbug-admin at lists.nycbug.org
> ~Brian
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