[CDBUG-talk] UPCOMING: Tuesday, August 11 - Jonathan Capra on Beyond Berkeley: NSD & Unbound

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Sun Aug 9 23:45:57 EDT 2015

Hi everyone --

CDBUG will be meeting normal time, normal place (Tuesday, August 11 at
6:45 PM at INOC, 80 State St., Albany).

This month we have Jonathan Capra, aka Fong, on Beyond Berkeley: NSD &

* vBSDcon 2015 is September 11-13 in Reston, VA. There is a CDBUG member
among the speaker list. It's a great regional conference, definitely
plan on attending.
* EuroBSDcon 2015 is October 1-4 in Stockholm, Sweden.
* BSDCon Brazil is October 9-10 in Fortaleza, Brazil.
* The undergrads will be back in town in a few short weeks. It's never
too early to promote CDBUG! There should be a couple of good surprises
at RPI for some lucky students.

Hope to see everyone on Tuesday.

* Background on NLnet Labs and their offerings
* Examining the legacy of BIND
* Unbound: Caching and Recursive resolver (FreeBSD built-in vs. 'stock'
* NSD: Authoritative-only name server
* Installation demonstrations

Former DNS Systems Administrator for the long-defunct BiznessOnline
(previously AlbanyNet). One-part IT nerd, one-part A/V dork.

Changed careers in 2003 when I returned to TV at Capital News 9 (now
Time Warner Cable News) as Graphic Designer and Promotions Producer
(Video Editor).

Still have tried to keep my chops as an 'amateur' sysadmin: Have
maintained one or more colo boxes with former Biz colleagues to serve
our own web/mail/DNS for over a decade.

Just finally completed a custom B.S. in "Broadcast Media and Information
Technology" at Empire State College. Interested in moving back towards
the IT field (or convergence, ie. IPTV), so career suggestions are welcome!

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