[CDBUG-talk] FreeNAS in a VM?

Jaime jaime at snowmoon.com
Mon Feb 23 20:59:43 EST 2015

I'm looking to deploy new file servers at work for live network home
directories on Mac workstations.  FreeNAS looks promising, given that its a
nice web GUI with Open Directory (Apple's OpenLDAP & Kerberose solution)
compatibility and AFP (Mac file serving) support.

I have a bunch of VM resources that I can allocate to this.  So that leaves
me wondering if I can do that.   I know that ZFS is moot in a VM.  Its even
counter productive, since it expects to have direct access to the drives.

So what do you think?  Could I run FreeNAS using UFS in a VM with about 8GB
- 16GB of RAM?  Is there another option for Open Directory compatible file
serving (AFP, SMB, or NFS) from within a VM?  Or even LDAP compatible in

Thanks in advance for the advise!

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