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Jonathan Chapman chapmajs at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 12:09:41 EDT 2016

The only similar issue I've had, with slow ZFS, was due to issues with a
3Ware RAID controller and disks in JBOD mode under fbsd 9 and 10. It was
even pretty useable when talking to external disks on i386 (non-64 bit) in
a pinch.

Do you have the same problem with UFS under fbsd 11?

FYI, you're probably going to want more RAM than 4GB to get decent
performance out of ZFS. I understand this is more of an experiment than a
production system or something :)


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>    1. Slow ZFS and/or Backup/recovery question (Steve Moon)
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> Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 23:41:28 -0400
> From: Steve Moon <steve.moon at gmail.com>
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> Subject: [CDBUG-talk] Slow ZFS and/or Backup/recovery question
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> I recently resurrected an old laptop and loaded FreeBSD 11 and ended up
> really liking it.
> So far so good.
> The laptop started with a dead hard drive that I swapped out with a
> different drive. While the original drive worked fine with the "AHCI" BIOS
> setting, the new drive The laptop freezes at the BIOS screen unless AHCI is
> changed to compatible (IDE) mode.
> The drive seemed to work fine when I fired it up, I got Ubuntu installed
> with no issues, started over with FreeBSD, re-installed clean a couple of
> times, finally just went with a ZFS root and everything seemed okay. I got
> X configured, but noticed it got _really_ slow.
> diskinfo -t /dev/ada0 shows some stunningly poor disk performance - like
> 1MB/s reads.
> I've done a lot of research on ZFS and tweaked some settings in loader.conf
> but to no avail - the disk is slow.
> So I've either got a slow disk, perhaps because it is in the process of
> dying, or there is some kind of incompatibility with ZFS and the IDE mode
> (some googling showed a few places where AHCI is suggested over ZFS).
> I have no real use for ZFS other than the novelty value. It's not like a
> 300GB SATA disk on an old consumer-grade Lenovo Z560 laptop with 4GB RAM is
> going to exercise ZFS.
> However I did do a lot of tweaking, installing packages and ports, etc.
> etc.
> So to the questions:
> 1. Has anyone had similar issues with ZFS - could it just be that?
> 2. Either way - ZFS or hardware - any suggestions on how I could back up
> the various configurations and package/port installs and then re-install
> them on top of a fresh install on a new disk? Linux Mint had a "upgrade"
> option that basically dumped a list of installed packages and after a fresh
> install of the new version of Mint you'd "apply" that to get your stuff
> re-installed. It looks like that may have changed, but it was slick the
> time or two I used it.
> I see I could run something like: pkg query --all '%o %n-%v %R'
> - then manually get that stuff re-installed after a clean install.
> Anyone have any other ideas? The disk is so slow it might take 24+ hours to
> use dump, tar, or the like, and I'd like to ditch ZFS anyway.
> Thanks-
> Steve-
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