[FrontRangeBUG] FRBUG Meeting Day

Glen Barber gjb at FreeBSD.org
Tue Nov 22 23:48:46 EST 2016

So, Brad and I were chatting briefly in IRC, and wondering what day(s)
work best for everyone for the bi-weekly meeting.  On a side note, the
bi-weekly FRBUG email for this coming Monday won't be sent out, because
of the Thanksgiving holiday, and Brad (and possibly others) being out of

The reason it came up was my fault, mostly.  Monday nights don't work
very well for me, because I have a weekly meeting Tuesday morning, so by
the time I get home Monday night, try to unwind, etc., it's quite late
at night before I can actually fall asleep.

There are other reasons Monday might not be the best day for some,
because Warner has "Monday night stuff", and for some strange reason,
I enjoy his company.  :)

I have no idea how many people on this list, so as a result, have no
idea the best way to take a poll of what day(s) work best for everyone.

Personally, I would vote for either Thursday or Friday evening, but I'm
sure this will conflict with some other peoples' schedules.  Tuesday
would be the third choice for me, but might not be good for others for
the same reason.

Could you all voice your opinions on what day(s) work best for you, so
we can give this BUG some traction?


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