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Date: 2004-08-03, 7:16PM EDT

Do you love computers? Do you run FreeBSD and your own network at home
just because you can?
Do you download and compile your own software? Do you like to take
things apart and put them
back together just to see how they work? 
This is an incredible opportunity for the right candidate. We offer
the opportunity
to work on high-end systems running FreeBSD (mostly) and Linux, as
well as UNIX-based
file serving and load-balancing appliances. This person will have the
opportunity to
learn a lot in a short amount and time and will be given significant
responsibility early
on -- opportunities like this are rare. We're VERY selective about who
we hire and add
to our team, so you will be working with only the very best -- down to
earth, knowledgeable
and experienced individuals. Value is placed more on individual
attitude, intelligence,
proactive nature, real experience, and desire to learn and achieve
over credentials.
The majority of work will be done from our office near the South
Street Seaport in Manhattan,
with occasional visits to the data center (a short walk) where we keep
our production servers.

Candidates must have extensive experience working on the *NIX command line,
know how to install an operating system, compile and install software, and
work with scripting languages such as C-shell scripts or PERL (big
plus). Candidate must also be familiar with the fundamentals of TCP/IP
networking and DNS. Familiarity with web server technologies such as Apache
and PHP, databases such as mySQL, Cisco routers, BGP, and internet mail are all
pluses but not necessarily required.

Specific responsibilities may include (but are not limited to): 

Monitoring the health of servers and systems (utilizing and managing our
automated monitoring tools) including physical operation (disk, CPU, etc),
software availability, and security.

Installing new hardware and software. 

Troubleshooting internal and customer support issues related to the
servers and some of our proprietary software products. 

Help set up new client accounts on our network (assign IP addresses,
register domain names, set up DNS, etc) 

Managing our office LAN, user PCs and printers (about 20 PCs running off a
Windows 2000 server -- don't worry, some of us run Linux desktops in the
office, so you have your choice!) 

Writing scripts and performing tasks to support daily operations. 

Improving our monitoring capabilities and taking pro-active measures to
prevent future issues. 

Helping to direct and advise on technology purchasing decisions. 

Managing and maintaining user accounts, telephone system, shared file
systems, and office Internet bandwidth.

Monitoring production network and carrier bandwidth. 

Please submit a resume and cover letter for review. We will contact
you to discuss the position.

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