[Jobs] Re: Job on CraigsList

G.Rosamond george at sddi.net
Wed Aug 4 10:51:17 EDT 2004

On Aug 4, 2004, at 10:44 AM, Zoran Perkov wrote:

> i apologize for the confusion....i should have been clearer
> I only reposted the job from craigslist...i have nothing to do with
> the position. Good luck to those looking into it

Hmmmmm. . . .I thought it was pretty clear.

It's appreciated. . .

I think it should be encouraged that other people do the same. . Craigs 
List, Monster.com, Dice, etc., until we get some recruiters and HR 
departments aware of the list. . .

btw, I heard that Craigs List is now charging employers $25 to post job 
listings. . .


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