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Sun Dec 12 19:54:20 EST 2004

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Hello.  My name is Marianne Dove.  I'm a recruiter for Google.  Google 
currently seeking several Unix experts for a couple of positions in 
Ireland or Mountain View, California.  I ran across your name while I 
conducting a Google search for possible candidates in the hopes of
networking with as many Unix experts as possible.  With your experience 
probable contacts in the Unix community, would you happen to know of 
that may be interested in Engineering positions at Google?  Would you be
interested in this opportunity?

This is such a great opportunity, and Google is seeking the very best
Engineers from around the world and I feel there must be dozens of Unix
experts out there.  I'm hoping I can find some of them through 
with you.  I've attached a few job descriptions.  If you happen to know 
any that may be interested, please feel free to forward this email to 
and have them contact me directly.   I hope you are not bothered by my
networking attempt.  Or if by some streak of fortune on my part, if you 
interested, please let me know.  :-)   Thank you for your consideration 


Marianne Dove

Google Recruiter

Mountain View, California


mdove at google.com


Senior Software Engineer, Google.com (SRE)
Positions based in Dublin Ireland.

Are you part ace coder, part adrenalin junkie? Do you have a knack for
seeing a problem and immediately discerning the likely solution? Maybe
you've been coding for years, are bored with the old
design-build-review-test-ship-repeat routine, and yearn for some
faster-paced challenges? Or perhaps you're a seasoned software engineer 
is also a genius at jockeying networks and administering UNIX clusters.

We're looking for top-notch thrill seeking, software engineers to join 
Google.com team. Google.com engineers are in the thick of everything
involved with keeping Google running, from code-level troubleshooting of
traffic anomalies to maintenance of our most cutting edge services; from
monitoring and alerts to building new automation infrastructure. We are
aggressively building this elite team of high level engineers in this
mission critical environment. All team members must have strong 
and troubleshooting skills, fluency in coding, good communication 
and most of all enthusiasm for tackling the complex problems of scale 
are uniquely Google. Google.com engineers tackle challenging, novel
situations every day, and work with just about every other engineering 
operations team in the process.

.Strong programming/scripting skills in any of the following: Python, C,
C++, Java, Perl
.BA/BS in CS, or equivalent experience.
.In-depth knowledge of Unix (preferably Linux), networking, and shell
.Proven technical troubleshooting experience.
.Excellent analytic ability, strong communication skills, and a strong 
of urgency.
.Ability to handle periodic on-call duty as well as out-of-band 
.5+ years experience in a similar position a big plus.
.Experience with Unix system administration a plus.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML or PDF
version of your resume to:

  mdove at google.com

Important: The subject field of your email must include Senior Software
Engineer, Google, Dublin


Engineering Hands-On Manager/Director Google.com (SRE)
Positions based in Dublin, Ireland.

We're looking for a highly technical, hands-on Engineering or Operations
Manager to lead a team of 4-10+ Google software engineers and systems
administrators for the Google.com group. The Google.com teams are 
responsible for Google's stellar uptime record, and act as the 
guardians and
custodians of Google's user-visible services. In this leadership role, 
will be responsible for ensuring that Google users can always reach and 
all of the services under your team's care.

.Strong programming/scripting skills in any of the following: Python, C,
C++, Java, Perl
.Very high technical competence and strong academic record.
.4+ years of relevant hands-on technical experience, and a record of
individual technical achievement.
.3-10+ years of relevant experience managing software development and/or
operations teams.
.Strong project management skills, especially in deploying live end-user
.That rare mix of intelligence, integrity, domain knowledge, verbal 

and diplomacy which allows you to rapidly earn the trust of
teams across the company.
.BA/BS in CS preferred; MS / Ph.D. a plus.

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML or PDF
version of your resume to:

mdove at google.com.

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