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Mon Dec 20 18:48:55 EST 2004

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> From: "Renu Goel" <renu at xcelcorp.com>
> Date: December 20, 2004 4:28:20 PM EST
> To: <jobs at list.nysa.org>
> Subject: Job Opening: Unix System Administrator , Parsippany , NJ ( 
> Full time position)
> Dear
> We have the following job opening with our client. Please review the 
> job requirement below and do respond if you would be interested in the 
> position.
> Please respond with
>   a.. Attach Word copy of the resume
>   b.. Work Authorization(US Citizen/Green Card/H1/Authorize to work in 
> USA)
>   c.. Availability
>   d.. Desired Rate/Salary with W2 Hourly/Corp-2-Corp if incorporated
>   e.. Provide atleast 3 professional 
> references(Name,Company,JobTitle,Phone,Email). Will be used for 
> initial screening
>   f.. Please mention all possible keywords in the resume(It would help 
> our HR and Sales dept to consider you for the position)
>  Description
>   a.. Location: Parsippany, NJ
>   b.. Duration: Full Time
> One of  our big client is seeking a System Administrator (SysAdmin), 
> responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of all UNIX and 
> Linux servers.  The SysAdmin is expected to conduct system analysis 
> and development, with limited support and direction from professional 
> staff, to keep our systems current with changing technologies. The 
> SysAdmin maintains back-office machines and educates all staff in the 
> use of the Unix/Linux  platforms in conjunction with the Training 
> Manger, focusing on both the server and a client operating systems.
> The System Administrator must possess a strong background in the HPUX 
> Operating System, preferably with UNIX server   administration.   
> Linux is important but secondary.  As new technologies emerge and 
> impact our systems, the System Administrator is expected to learn 
> these technologies very quickly and resolve any problems involved in 
> integrating new technologies with our systems.
> Qualifications
> Required: experience working with Unix and Linux; previous programming 
> or scripting experience; experience with troubleshooting hardware; 
> ability and motivation to learn new technologies quickly and with 
> minimal support and guidance; effective communication skills and the 
> ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of clients and 
> staff; ability to work productively in teams; good problem solver.
> Preferred: good communication skills, proficiency with common 
> networking technologies, Windows 2000, NT  operating systems; 
> understanding of the administration of SQL database servers such as 
> (e.g. SQLserver, Oracle), and secure web servers such as Apache with 
> mod_ssl; knowledge of Perl and CGI scripting; working knowledge of 
> Bourne shell scripting; knowledge of standard backup infrastructures; 
> UNIX system and program installation, compilation and configuration; 
> system-level security procedures, familiarity with cryptography tools 
> (e.g. secure shell, OpenSSL, IPSec); experience maintaining servers 
> for standard Internet services such as DNS, NFS, DHCP, Samba, printing 
> (e.g. LPR, CUPS) and FTP service; previous experience teaching or 
> training others.
> Duties
> .   Work independently to support all UNIX servers utilized by the 
> Application Systems
> .   Support and maintain DNS, NFS, DHCP, Samba, LPRng, Postfix, 
> Sendmail, Apache, PostgreSQL, FTP and other proprietary services for 
> all business units.
> .   Ensure secure operation of all servers and services though the use 
> of security and encryption tools such as SSH,SSL, IPSec and through 
> extensive staff training and documentation.
> .   Provide desktop support for all office workstations.
> .   Monitor system logs and activity on all servers.
> .   Administrate, verify, and restore from backups.
> .   Replace defective hardware on clients and servers as necessary in 
> conjunction with the Hepldesk.   Accounts
> .   Maintain integrity of accounts and data on the Unix/Linux  file 
> server(s). Perform recovery when possible.
> .   Perform maintenance on employee accounts. Add, remove and modify 
> accounts as necessary.
> .   Manage Unix security features to protect confidential information 
> while allowing appropriate access.
> .   Create and maintain Mailman mailing lists and aliases.
>   Development
> .  Research new technologies and present recommendations and 
> justifications on major hardware and software
> purchases.
> .   Develop and test new servers and services, including writing 
> scripts and patching existing source code.
> (10%) Training and Communication
> .   Attend and actively participate in IT Department team meetings.
> .   Write project proposals, design documents and extensive 
> documentation in order to keep documentation in a standard format as 
> well as being technically accurate and current.
> .   Log and report all changes to system software and configurations 
> to IT Personnel and others deemed necessary.
> .   Provide training and opportunities for learning UNIX and Linux 
> systems to staff when appropriate.
> (10%) Administrative Duties
> .   Update and check Corporate Time regularly
> .   Update equipment inventory for tracking purposes.
> .   Assist in hiring and training for new IT personnel when 
> appropriate.
> Thanks
> Renu Goel
> Xcel Solutions Corp
> 254 Route 34, Ste #3
> Matawan, NJ 07747
> Phone: 732-765-9235 X-111
> Fax: 732-210-0391
> IM(Yahoo): xcel_renu at yahoo.com
> Email: renu at xcelcorp.com
> Web:www.xcelcorp.com
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