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Thu Nov 4 10:37:17 EST 2004

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    * JobID: #225

    * Submitted On: 2004-11-03 15:19:24

    * Company: TEKsystems

    * Contact: Brian Ferguson,

    * Email:  brfergus at teksystems.com

    * Url: http://www.teksystems.com

    * Phone: 905-501-2802

    * Reference No: Linux / Myrinet Systems Administrator

    * Title: Professional Technical Recruit

    * Salary: Based on Contract

    * Description: Our client a leader in the is currently seeking a Linux
/ Myrinet Systems Administrator for a 15 day contract in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada.

      We are expecting for this consultant to include rate with expenses
in Canadian Dollars.

    * Required Skills: The deliverables for this project are:

      1) Configuration and Testing:

          o Configure LAN switches with IP address and VLAN
            information (except Foundry Networks Switch)
          o Configure terminal servers
          o Configure Cisco switch components
          o Work with the customer to configure the Myrinet network
          o Configure storage components as per design specifications
          o Load Linux version (Red Hat 3.0) as specified in customer
            intent and HPTC solution design
          o Load images on all servers, for disk based cluster solutions
          o Load cluster management software (as appropriate) and 3rd
            party applications as specified in technical specification
          o Perform final configuration of operating system parameters
            as per design specs.

      This does not include tuning of the solution.

      2) Testing and Verification:

          o Verify network and cluster interconnect configuration
          o Perform basic cluster test
          o Verify software load if accomplished by AIC
          o Verify specified services are configured correctly
          o Ensure servers can communicate with peripheral devices
          o Provide a hard copy of the systems files
          o Additional testing procedures not outlined above will be
            considered to be a change to the Statement of Work, and
            may require additional time and/or cost.

      3) Cluster Configuration:

      The cluster will be configured and tested as per the customers user
acceptance test plan. This will be created conjunction with our
client. Additional application integration configuration and testing
will be the responsibility of the customer.

      4) Knowledge Transfer:

          o Conduct a 1/2 day knowledge transfer session to review
            the setup, configuration and operation of the clustered

      5) As Built Documentation:

      Provide to the customer the as built documentation for the work
      performed. This would include any relevant procedures and scripts

      The Manual will contain the following elements:

          o Detailed layout of the software components of the solution.
          o I/O Map and other important system files.

    * Location:

          5975 Whittle Road
          Suite # 200
          Toronto, Ontario canada, CA

    * Furthermore: TEKsystems is . . . A leading provider of IT services
and the recognized leader in Information Technology and Communications
staffing. TEKsystems offers a full line of comprehensive IT services,
including technology deployment services and enterprise support
services. We help businesses design, install, deploy and run their IT,
communications and network systems by providing services and the best
IT consultants available.

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