[Jobs] [nylug-job] The New York Botanical Garden seeks Linux consultant

Monjay Settro monjay at thefincompany.com
Wed Sep 8 12:46:10 EDT 2004

# JobID: #201

# Submitted On: 2004-09-07 22:43:01

# Company: The New York Botanical Garden

# Contact: Joshua S. Freeman,

# Url: http://www.nybg.org

# Phone: 347 392 2560

# Fax: xxx-xxx-xxxx

# Title: Linux consultant

# Salary: Not Specified

# Description: We have a production server running RH9.0. This machine
supports a number of websites, some external, most internal.

Most of our sites are written in PHP and have MySQL backends.

We had been using apt-get and 'freshrpms.net' to manage packages on this

Unfortunately, the version of GD that we have is not up to some of the
tasks called for by PHP on one of our sites.

We simply need someone to carefully remove the existing version of GD and
compile and install the newer version.

See, if we simply use apt-get to 'remove gdlib' or whatever, apt-get wants
to rip out a WHOLE lotsa stuff.

So, a more skilled, surgical approach is called for.

We're happy to give the right person remote access and sudo privs on this
box to help us out.

We need to do this as soon as possible!


# Required Skills:

We need someone with real crackerjack linux sysad and application/package
management skills who can not only help us with the problem described
above but help us get a better handle on how best to manage this box going

# Location:

    Bronx, NY

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