[Jobs] [nylug-job] Quadlogic Controls Corp seeks Sr. Systems Administrator

Monjay Settro msettro at ix.netcom.com
Wed Aug 31 10:39:34 EDT 2005

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    * JobID: #344
    * Submitted On: 2005-08-30 19:23:15

    * Company: Quadlogic Controls Corp
    * Contact: Sayre Swarztrauber,  
    * Email:  sayre at quadlogic.com
    * Url: http://www.quadlogic.com
    * Phone: 212 930 9300
    * Fax: 212 930 9394

    * Reference No: Sysadmin

    * Title: Sr. Systems Administrator

    * Salary: Commensurate With Experience

    * Description: Growing New York City based company needs administrator of its server farm consisting of approx. 10 Fedora Linux servers and 4 Windows 2003 Terminal servers. All critical services (Sendmail, DHCP, NTP, DNS, Firewall, Samba, Apache, subnet routing) performed by Fedora Linux. Firewall is Astaro. Windows serves applications to the users, but all profiles and files are stored on Samba in a Samba NT4 domain with Samba SSO. Legacy SCO and HPUX systems are also still operative. Plans to add LDAP, MYSQL/Postgres Company database.

    * Required Skills: 5 years of Linux experience. Can be gained partly in school, but work experience a big plus. Need admin capable of wearing many hats including managing server environment and participating as DBA/LDAP administrator in a small (60 user) environment. Basic Windows 2003 Server administration is important, but limited to terminal services and Samba interface as other services including domain authentication are handled by Linux. Job description is flexible in terms of years of experience, depending on candidate.

    * Location:

          520 8th Avenue
          7th Floor
          New York City, NY 10018 

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