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Hi, George -

It was a pleasure speaking with you!  Many thanks in advance for
passing this on for me.

As I mentioned, I'm looking for a very senior, very strong Linux (Red
Hat) SA.  My client is one of the largest financial firms here in the
city and for this role, they're willing to pay market rate.

They need someone who comes from a Unix background, they specifically
mentioned that they didn't want someone from a Windows background,
unless its from back in the early nineties.  I take that to mean they
want a super senior hardcore Red Hat admin.  Running off of an Oracle
DB with excellent troubleshooting skills, someone who can help
architect a new environment in an environment that is currently running
about 120 servers on the outside and still growing.

Websphere, Veritas, with SAN, NAS on Linux.  As I'm not a fan of
beating around the bush, it is a three month contract with the
possibility of going full time.  Would be great for someone looking to
get their foot in the finance door.  I'm ballparking the salary at $100
- 120/ hr.  The hiring manager said that he would pay for the seniority
and skill, so market rate for the skill level.

I really appreciate this, George, if ever I can help just let me know.



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