[Jobs] [nylug-job] Trafficmac seeks Nagios Consultant

msettro msettro at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jun 9 19:25:43 EDT 2005

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    * JobID: #297
    * Submitted On: 2005-06-08 11:15:38

    * Company: Trafficmac
    * Contact: Mark A. Herschberg,
    * Email:  jobs at trafficmac.com
    * Url: http://www.trafficmac.com
    * Phone: Not Specified
    * Fax: Not Specified

    * Title: Nagios Consultant

    * Salary: Based on Contract

    * Description: We are looking for someone to set up Nagios to
monitor our servers and then train our Linux sys admins to use and
maintain it. The anticipated contract should last 3-5 days for someone
familiar with Nagios. (We simply don’t have the spare time to learn the

      Systems (local and co-located) to be monitored include:
      • Linux production servers running Apache and various open source
databases (approx 8 servers)
      • Misc. Linux servers, e.g. DNS, backup, CVS (approx 5 servers)
      • Misc. windows servers, e.g. domain controller, samba, backup,
but not Exchange (approx 4 servers)
      • XP desktop systems (approx 40)
      • Firewalls (approx 6)
      • VoIP system*

      *If the candidate is familiar with it, we’d love to monitor it,
but it is not required. Future work on this and other jobs possible.

    * Required Skills: We’re looking for system administrators with
Nagios experience. Experience with OpManager a plus, as we'll be using
that, too.

    * Location:

          28 W 25th St
          7th floor
          New York City, NY 10010

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