[Jobs] NYC Job: Software Engineer Fulltime, C / Java

John Pritchard albireo3249 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 16:48:57 EST 2005

Software Engineer fulltime, second stage startup, 80 yr + options.
Multiple positions for tentative start 1 June. 
C / Java, e.g., Servlet, Graphics, Sockets, Threads, JNI / CNI, XML. 
Apple / Linux dev env using Emacs, gcc, gcj + libjava, make, ant, shell, 
cvs + subversion, ssh, debian pkg + rpm, etc..
Code / Design with HTML, CSS, JS, and MM Flex? 
We're looking for an experienced and well rounded Coder and Engineer 
familiar with tools, UI, federated collaboration or grid / peer 
topologies, and ready for more.  No one is over-qualified.  We need 
competence, creativity, and commitment. 
Our name is Ecensity.  Ours is much more than a server side product for 
web and SOA.  If we're successful, we intend to change the worlds of 
both our customers and ourselves. 
Please take some time to send a link to your www resume or personal 
statement, ZIP or TGZ containing your original project + sources to 
jobs.us at ecensity.com.  Subject: Project Engineer.  Link only, please.   
Web / open content formats only, please.

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