[Jobs] [nylug-job] Oddcast Media Technologies seeks Senior Web Developer

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Tue May 10 21:46:32 EDT 2005

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    * JobID: #287
    * Submitted On: 2005-05-10 20:54:33

    * Company: Oddcast Media Technologies
    * Contact: jobs at oddcast.com,
    * Email:  jobs at oddcast.com
    * Url: http://www.oddcast.com/
    * Phone: Not Specified
    * Fax: Not Specified

    * Title: Senior Web Developer

    * Salary: Not Specified

    * Description:

      Oddcast is seeking a Senior Web Developer to create cutting-edge
      rich media Internet applications & tools.

          o Develop cutting-edge web applications.
          o Research, analyze, implement and integrate new mechanisms
            and technologies within an interactive online environment.
          o Design and develop database infrastructure and front end UI.
          o Code, test and debug robust applications from both written
            and verbal specifications utilizing PHP, MySQL, MS-SQL,
            XML and JavaScript.

    * Required Skills:

      We are looking for an exceptional individual, capable of taking
      advantage of an empowering environment. The successful candidate's
      background should include:
          o A B.Sc. in Computer Science or Mathematics
          o Experience with developing rich media & Commerce web
          o An excellent command of PHP programming & MySQL
          o Experience with Flash ActionScript Programming (a big plus)
          o A solid understanding of variousd Graphic, Audio & Video
formats (a plus)
          o Be self-motivated, innovative and capable of delivering

    * Location:

          New York City, NY

    * Furthermore:

      Please send a resume in Word format along with a one paragraph
      cover note to: jobs at oddcast.com (please mention "Senior Web
      Developer" in the subject line)

      About The Company:

      Oddcast (www.oddcast.com) is a creator of leading-edge media
      technology applications. The company’s VHost™ technology is the
      emerging standard for creating conversational characters for
      marketing, training, customer service and sales applications.
      Oddcast has a strong client base, including Coca Cola, Xerox,
      Cisco, Bloomberg, L'Oreal , Pepsi, Chevrolet, Holiday Inn & more.

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