[Jobs] [nylug-job] KirklandSEARCH (Recruiter) seeks Software Engineers

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Tue Nov 1 10:23:47 EST 2005

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    * JobID: #365
    * Submitted On: 2005-11-01 09:37:38

    * Company: KirklandSEARCH (Recruiter)
    * Contact: Kent Kirkland, C.P.C.,  
    * Email:  kirkland at connix.com
    * Url: http://www.kirklandsearch.com
    * Phone: (203) 925-1500
    * Fax: (203) 925-1881

    * Title: Software Engineers

    * Salary: $80,000+

    * Description:

      C++/UNIX Developers- Greater Danbury, CT

      A favored client company of ours located in Greater Danbury searches for several Software Engineers with C/UNIX development background to write “packet-switched” communications applications which will run over the Internet. They lead in their industry in the U.S., and they boast of almost no employee turnover in the engineering department. After years of running in lean mode, they are expanding the size of their software department by 50%. The Software Engineers will have diverse responsibilities in a smaller environment, working along with seasoned professionals on systems which incorporate Voice over IP, ISDN communications, JAVA/J2EE, SQL, VoiceXML, 68000-based embedded processors, TI DSP chips, and which run under SUN Solaris and LINUX hosts. The Engineers will also write the systems level software to manage databases, networks, and other applications software. The salary ranges from $60,000 to $90,000, depending on level of experience. They offer a fine benefits package which includes 401 (k), tuition aid, and stock options after one year. The stock options have proved to be quite lucrative to the existing engineering staff. In addition, there is a year-end bonus plan which can pay out an additional $500 to $5,000, based on company profitability. Please contact Kent Kirkland, C.P.C., at KirklandSEARCH, (203) 925-1500, kirkland at connix.com for more information.

    * Required Skills: The requirements here include three or more years of UNIX/C/C++development experience, a BSCS or BSEE degree, and willingness to take C and C++ tests to verify capabilities. Development experience in the communications industry is preferred. Requires permanent U.S. residency.

    * Location:

          Danbury, CT 

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