[jobs] Looking for work.

Trish Lynch trish at bsdunix.net
Mon Aug 21 09:01:51 EDT 2006

I'm currently looking for work as a senior sysadmin, network person, or IT director/manager. Since transitioning from male to female, I've had an increasingly harder time finding work, despite legal protections and the fact all my interviews go well. 

I honestly think many companies are shying away from hiring a transsexual despite my impeccable work and job experience.

I have very good referencrs from my last jobs, extensive experience (I designed the network for slashdot back in 2000), and some major knowledge. Due to some unforseen issues with people at my last job, I left on good terms, but did not think it would be difficult to find work, as I had several irons in the fire and interviews that seemed to go well. 

If anyone has any leads that would be accepting of my experience and my situation, please let me know?

Consulting is fine in the short term as well
Trish Lynch  

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