[Jobs] [nylug-job] Major Financial Co in NYC seeks Jr. Admin/Business Analyst

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Thu Feb 16 15:13:43 EST 2006

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    * JobID: #401
    * Submitted On: 2006-02-16 10:23:31

    * Company: Major Financial Co in NYC
    * Contact: Jessica Hambley,  
    * Email:  jessica.hambley at andiamopartners.com
    * Url: http://
    * Phone: 646.747.5163
    * Fax: Not Specified

    * Title: Jr. Admin/Business Analyst

    * Salary: $70,000+

    * Description: The manager is looking for a young engineer who is confident enough to work with very high level executives. This position is a cross between a Unix / Linux Administrator and a Business Analyst. The main responsibilities will include working between the infrastructure and development groups to help facilitate infrastructure engineering initiatives. Basically, this position would be the point person for the 750 developers when they need something from infrastructure. This person will then help them get this issue resolved (by doing it themselves or finding the right person to do it). The other half of this position will be very technical. For example, they may be charged with developing perl scripts or maybe Perl/CGI. They may also be in charge of doing some root cause analysis on a 700+ CPU Unix server farm.

      This candidate needs to be two things:

      1. Very well polished and able to speak with technology management to resolve issues and do some social engineering.

      2. This candidate need to be very skilled in picking up and working in technology. Specifically Unix, Linux and maybe Perl and SQL. This person needs to love technology for the sake of technology (i.e. have a Linux box in their basement)

      This candidate needs to have 2-3 years of experience working in a large financial services environment.

    * Required Skills:

      Integration Engineer - 19881

      • A CEAS (Customer Engineering And Support) Engineer mobilizes cross-discipline service and engineering resources from the Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) organization to manage the integration of strategic, business unit driven APG and 3rd party products.

      • The CE gathers infrastructure requirements from the customer base for the products they intend to integrate.

      • A CEAS Engineer then presents those requirements to the appropriate technical disciplines within EI and works with EI management to help understand the request, the workload associated with it, and its priority in the context of other EI efforts.

      • The CEAS Engineer should be a strong technical discipline leader with an in-depth knowledge of at least one technical discipline and have experience with a wide range of distributed client/server architectures.

      • The role requires a person to be a technology leader with product integration knowledge and possess strong project and people management skills.

      • The person should be a self-motivator and strong problem solver.

      Skills Required:

      • This position requires an in-depth knowledge of the various technical disciplines, the players and their roles within the virtual companies comprising the Enterprise Infrastructure organization.

      • A CEAS Engineer should have strong leadership and communication skills (both oral and verbal).

      • Additionally, they should have expertise in at least one technical discipline (Unix, NT, Networks, Security, etc.), and posses the ability to quickly understand technical issues in all other technical disciplines.

      • They should be organized time managers and have excellent project management skills.

      • The FA&O space will require the CEAS Engineer to work on several projects concurrently.

      • The ability to multi-task is an absolute must. Skills Desired:

      • Basic knowledge of networking.

      • Development experience is a plus.

      • Good project management and coordination skills.

    * Location:

          New York City, NY 

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