[jobs] Linux/FreeBSD System Administrator position

Brent Marinaccio brent at hotlinuxjobs.com
Fri Jun 9 11:45:32 EDT 2006

I am with HotLinuxJobs, and we are a recruiting firm that specializes in
the placement of Open Source professionals.  We are presently looking
for a Senior Linux/FreeBSD System Administrator for one of our clients
in New York City.  Listed below is a description of the position.  If
you are interested in the opportunity, please respond to this email with
an updated resume.

Linux/FreeBSD System Administrator
Salary: Competitive - Direct Hire
New York, NY - 
General Overview:
Applicant should be able to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot Linux and
FreeBSD servers running a variety of web, database, and email delivery
software. Applicant should be able to help streamline existing
operations while spearheading new projects to keep the company at the
forefront of innovation. Overall, applicant should be a good problem
solver who is able to quickly acquire new technical skills in order to
help the company.
Technical Requirements:
Applicant must be well versed in Linux and FreeBSD systems
administration including the following key skills:
- System tuning, including kernel compilation and tuning system
parameters for optimal performance and security.
- Apache installation, configuration, and troubleshooting using a
variety of server modules such as PHP4/5, various mod_auth_* variants,
security and logging modules, etc. Knowledge of Apache internals a big
- MySQL/PostgreSQL installation, configuration and troubleshooting,
including performance tuning, replication and query optimization.
- Qmail/Postfix installation, configuration, and troubleshooting
including performance tuning and spam/virus filtering.
- Clustering experience, including experience using SANs with shared
filesystems and dedicated hardware load balancing.
- Experience implementing a layered approach to network and host based
security using various open source kernel patches/modules and user level
- Basic TCP/IP networking knowledge a must, and deeper knowledge
including the ability to troubleshoot protocol problems and complex
server-side networking issues such as multiple NIC load balancing,
QoS/TC, iptables, etc a big plus.
- Bash shell scripting a must, and perl, python, ruby or php programming
experience highly desireable.
- Knowledge of hardware a plus, such as the tradeoffs between different
bus / processor / memory / drive technologies and how they apply to
customer activity.
- SANS, RHCE or Cisco certifications a big plus.
General Requirements:
Applicant should have excellent verbal and written communication skills
and the patience to mentor and train other employees. Applicant will be
regularly dealing with customers directly and must have a good demeanor,
even under heavy support load. Applicant should also be able to work
well independently, having the desire and individual initiative to excel
in a fast-paced environment where his/her accomplishments lead directly
to the success of the company. We're looking for a special applicant who
is as passionate and dedicated to technology as we are.
Brent Marinaccio, MBA, SPHR
Director of Open Source Recruiting
877-548-0003 x3015
irc.freenode.net #hotlinuxjobs
skype: bmarinaccio

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