[jobs] [nylug-job] Gawker Media seeks CSS/Design/Javascript/PHP Gurus

Monjay Settro msettro at ix.netcom.com
Mon Mar 13 23:01:34 EST 2006

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    * JobID: #418
    * Submitted On: 2006-03-13 17:28:41

    * Company: Gawker Media
    * Contact: Ian Van Ness,  
    * Email:  ian at gawker.com
    * Url: http://www.gawker.com
    * Phone: Not Specified
    * Fax: Not Specified

    * Title: CSS/Design/Javascript/PHP Gurus

    * Salary: Not Specified

    * Description: Gawker Media, owner of such exciting gossip rags as Gawker, Gizmodo, and most recently (and perhaps most relevantly) ValleyWag, is in need of a few full-time (part-time too if that suits you better) folks that totally rock with PHP, CSS, XHTML, and Javascript (or any combination of those). In addition, we're interested in a Super Project Manager -- ie, one that can manage a project, but is extra keen on the technology side as well and wouldn't mind getting their hands dirty with some code here and there. We're ramping up for a few new major undertakings, not to mention the ones that have already gotten started.

    * Required Skills: CSS, Javascript, PHP, XHTML

    * Location:

          New York City, NY 

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