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Tue May 2 18:24:17 EDT 2006

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    * JobID: #437
    * Submitted On: 2006-05-02 17:44:33

    * Company: IPsoft, Inc.
    * Contact: Ken Martin,  
    * Email:  Ken.Martin at ip-soft.net
    * Url: http://www.ip-soft.net
    * Phone: Not Specified
    * Fax: Not Specified

    * Reference No: SA Linux

    * Title: System Administrator

    * Salary: Upto $90,000

    * Description:

      IPsoft, founded in 1998, is a leading managed services provider, offering a complete solution to enterprise customers for outsourcing global Internet operations. The world’s largest Global 1000 companies, such as GE Financial, IKON Office Solutions, Avon, Unilever, Amazon, Pfizer, Cendant, and Astra Zenca have entrusted their systems, network, databases, and enterprise applications in the hands of IPsoft. Today, over 1 in every 35 Fortune 1000 companies depends on IPsoft for its IT infrastructure management needs.

      IPsoft's managed services provider business has grown over 300% each year for the last 3 consecutive years.

      IPsoft, Inc. has immediate openings for System Administrators / Engineers to leverage there experiences in UNIX / Linux / Solaris System Administration / Engineering.

      Required Skills
          o A very solid understanding of a UNIX-based operating system: virtual memory, file system concepts, processes, TCP/IP networking, signals communications and IPC, can use performance analysis to tune systems.
          o Solid understanding of networking/distributed computing environment concepts; understands principles of routing, client/server communication, and the design of consistent network-wide file system layouts.
          o A solid understanding of web/OS communication, including dynamics of CGI/OS interaction, why CGIs can be evil.
          o Ability to program in an administrative language (Perl, shell); C a plus, but not necessary.
          o Ability to solve problems quickly and completely and multitask projects
          o Able to work well with customer problems and provide pathway or solutions within a short amount of time.
          o Ability to work on tasks and projects alone or as part of a larger team.
          o Initiative to take on challenging tasks; must be a self-starter.
          o Being able to think outside the box on a daily basis.
          o Ability to identify tasks which require automation, and automate them or work with developers to get them automated.
          o Strong inter-personal and communication skills; capable of writing proposals or papers, acting as a client technical lead, making presentations to customer or client audiences or professional peers, and working closely with upper management.
          o Desire and ability to lead a project from inception to completion.
          o Strong knowledge of hardware
          o Experience installing and maintaining the network cabling in use at the site.
          o Experience installing and configuring hosts.
          o Experience with SCSI (FCAL) device setup and installation.
          o Strong troubleshooting skills and ability to work with vendors. 
      Technical Skills
          o Solaris, Linux, HP, AIX, Perl, SCSI, System V, Windows, Veritas, NFS, JFS, TCP/IP, DNS, SAN, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Nagios, HP Openview 
      Required background
          o More than five years previous systems administration experience. A degree in computer science or a related field. 
      Core Experience
          o Solid experience with specific operating systems (SunOS, Solaris, Linux; HP* and AIX a big plus), applications, and programming languages (Shell scripts, Perl; Python and C a plus) in use at the site.
          o Solid experience with sites running more than one UNIX-based operating system. Familiarity with both System V and BSD-based UNIX operating systems. Experience with non-UNIX operating systems (for example, Windows family, MacOS) a plus.
          o Experience with VxVM, Veritas Clustering, DiskSuite; LVM and similar a plus. 
      Programming Skills
          o Extensive programming experience in Perl, C, web-based programming, client/server communication is a big plus. 
      Networking Skills
          o Experience configuring filesystems (for example, UFS, VxFS, ext3, NFS, ReiserFS, JFS etc.)
          o Experience with network file synchronization schemes (for example, rsync, rsnapshot. and track).
          o Experience with TCP/IP networking protocols (ability to debug and program at the network level).
          o Experience with high-speed networking (for example, FDDI, ATM, or SONET).
          o Experience with complex TCP/IP networks (routing, encapsulation over different physical media).
          o Experience configuring and maintaining routers. (Cisco, Extreme networks) a plus
          o Experience installing/configuring DNS (BIND, TinyDNS). 
          o Experience with network security (for example, building firewalls, deploying authentication systems, or applying cryptography to network applications).
          o Experience with host security and hardening (for example, passwords, uids/gids, file permissions, filesystem integrity, use of security packages, ipchains, iptables)
          o Experience with SELinux, chroot*d apps; Trusted Solaris a plus. 
      Site Specialties
          o Experience at sites with over 1,000 computers, over 1,000 users, or over a terabyte of disk space (SANs NAS; EMC and other storage platforms).
          o Experience coordinating multiple independent computer facilities (for example, working for the central group at a large company or university).
          o Experience with a site with 100% uptime requirement, live upgrades, and minimal downtime.
          o Experience developing/implementing a site disaster recovery plan. 
          o Experience using MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL and/or Sybase, on the application or programming side. 
          o Experience with any of Nagios, NetSaint, InterMapper, Cacti, MRTG, SNMP.
          o Experience with mainstream applications such as HP OpenView, Tivoli, etc. also a plus 
      Appropriate Responsibilities
          o Designs/implements complex local and wide-area networks of machines.
          o Acts as the technical lead for clients including Fortune-500 companies.
          o Works under general direction from senior management.
          o Leads entire projects from inception to completion.
          o Establishes/recommends/deploys policies on system use and services. Provides technical lead and/or supervises system administrators, system programmers, or others of equivalent seniority. 
      It's an exciting time at IPsoft as we expand our offices globally to support our client base further than ever. We offer a competitive salary, 401(k), company sponsored medical, dental and vision coverage, and vacation/holidays. To learn more about IPsoft and this opportunity, we welcome you to visit our web site at www.ip-soft.net ! EOE

    * Required Skills:

      Solaris, Linux, HP, AIX, Perl, SCSI, System V, Windows, Veritas, NFS, JFS, TCP/IP, DNS, SAN, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Nagios, HP Openview

    * Location:

          New York City, NY 10004 

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