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michael lists at genoverly.net
Sat Oct 14 14:03:57 EDT 2006

The BSD Certification Group is looking for a web developer and sysadmin.

This is a volunteer position to do light duty maintenance (a few hours
a month) on a production web and FreeBSD servers.  

This is an opportunity to give back to the community and work toward a
good cause.  There are no offices so, all work is remote.  The current
maintainer has been in place for 2 years and is moving on to other
projects, but will be available for questions or explanations if needed.

Server Environment:
Two (2) FreeBSD jails in the NYCBUG cabinet at NYI, downtown.
	dev.bsdcertification.org - development image
	www.bsdcertificaiton.org - production image
One (1) mirrored web server in Brazil- this box is maintained by the
	owner, but the web developer has a local account to update the
	web tree.

Web Environment:

There is no database used directly in the web, but the intent is to move
the content to postgresql and the content is prepared as such.  There
are some database apps (user surveys, etc) hosted in Brazil.  There is
only one webmaster, so there is no CVS. But again, there was intent to
move to a versioning system.. if you want.


The boxen are FreeBSD (5.5-STABLE) jails that will *not* require kernel
maintenance or patching; this is done by a NYCBUG sysadmin for all the
jails.  However, this job will include compiling and upgrading userland
software as needed.  e.g. apache, php, etc.  

The web has been in production for 2 years and is written in custom PHP,
HTML, and CSS.  There is NO javascript or flash.  There are only about
a dozen pages (<2000 lines, most of that is content) to worry about. All
the code is procedural, not object-oriented. It would be up to you if
you wanted to maintain or rewrite the base. The content is primarily for
informational purposes with periodic (primarily monthly) updates like
adding a translator name and bio or posting press releases and
newsletters. There is no end-user CMS, but I'm sure they would be open
to the idea! The Group has a world wide exposure and the future effort
will be to bring internationalization (possibly with gettext) to the
site.  A working knowledge of web image creation (The Gimp) will be
very helpful.

The position reports directly to the Chairperson, Dru Lavigne.  She is
a prominent BSD expert, author, and an educator by trade.  The original
maintainer says she is wonderful to work with, actively seeks input and
opinions, and allows a lot of lattitude in execution.. provided it gets
the job done quickly, securely, and professionally. All web updates and
changes come via email; directly (and exclusively) from the Chair.

About BSDCG:
The BSD Certification Group Inc. is a non-profit organization committed
to creating and maintaining a global certification standard for system
administration on BSD based operating systems.

Please contact me offlist for more information.

lists at genoverly.net

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