[jobs] Part-time programmer Opening...

Andy Michaels lego at therac25.net
Thu Nov 1 14:04:55 EDT 2007

MNN is looking for an all-around geek programmer. If you love to code in a 
variety of environments like MacOS, linux or the web, in languages ranging 
from Perl to Ruby and C, and frameworks like Drupal and Rails (okay, 
Drupal's not a framework per se, but you get the idea!), then this is the 
job for you.

We need a lot of work done both large and small. Tasks will include:

     * writing glue scripts for our broadcast system
     * developing new features for our drupal-based web site
     * writing MacOS apps
     * extracting our old data from a Filemaker Pro database

Most of your work will be released under some form of an open source 

interested parties can contact

positionit at mnn.org



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