[jobs] general fixit person for 2 NYC arts organizations

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Thu Aug 14 12:49:34 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I am looking for someone to recommend to take over for me at 2 rather 
well known (nationally and internationally) NYC visual arts 
organizations.  dumboartscenter.org and iscp-nyc.org

Couple of caveats:

-- great for connections if you are looking for art world contacts.

-- clients are quite clueless neither have tech staff.  You are the only 
techie person, anything could be up for fixing.  Networking, wireless, 
Mac OS randomness, mailclients.   You need to be available to be called 
on site periodically to work out a hodge podge of small issues.

-- both clients have budget constraints, but are flexible with hours, 
grateful, and pay promptly.

Key technologies which just work but need maintenance (and could be 
replaced if you are ambitious):

-- FreeBSD, jails, ports, mail (postfix + dovecot ssh imap), Mailman 
(for crutial periodic mass mailings).

-- networking DSL.

Pay is hourly based on need.  I never set up a monthly retainer as I 
have just been helping out periodically but I think both groups would 
not be opposed to a retainer.

Please send questions, skillset and rates to me



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