[jobs] Part Time Sys Admins

Rodrique Heron swygue at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 11:23:41 EST 2008

NYCBUG Members,

Looking to fill a part-time position at Baruch College (CUNY), 20-30 
hours per week. The person taking this position will help to accelerate 
the adoption of RHEL Xen and VMware virtualization technology.

Desired Experience:

• Experience installing, patching and managing one of the following 
server operating systems: FreeBSD, Linux (Red Hat), Windows 2003.
• Experience installing and managing MySQL or Microsoft SQL database.
• Experience administering Active Directory, Windows DHCP and IIS.
• Experience Diagnosing server hardware problems.
• Perl, Python, PHP, Tomcat and Apache server experience is a plus.
• Familiarity with Exchange, Sendmail and Postfix is a plus.
• Strong understanding of DNS (Windows and BIND) is a plus.

Please email me at jradmin at baruch.cuny.edu, with your "lastname" in the 
subject field, if you are interested.

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