[jobs] Web Development Contract Work

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Fri Jul 4 02:00:20 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm branching out a bit and trying my hand at managing projects a bit. 
Before I go looking beyond the circle of people who I may well have met in 
person at some point, I'm posting here.

I have a few medium-sized projects for a local Fortune 500 company and I'm 
looking for someone who has experience with the following:

-Bringing mostly-static sites into a CMS

Six sites, all fairly simple.  Need to look very similar (although not 
necessarily exact) before and after the migration to a CMS.  You pick the 
CMS, but it must be something with a track record and something that will 
be around in a few years.  The people updating these sites can handle a 
fairly complex interface.  You do not necessarily need design skills, but 
you do have to have an excellent grasp of HTML and be able to handle some 
cleanup.  The dynamic content is very minimal and most of it is cheated by 
pulling outside content into a frame.

-Web-based document repositories

Two new extranet sites are needed.  One for sharing documents with 
vendors, the other for access to important company documents should 
something happen to the NYC offices.  No docs should ever be available to 
the public.  Authentication should be based on user and group membership. 
If this can be done as an add-on to the above-mentioned CMS, all the 
better - they want to standardize on one package for everything.

These will be quick and profitable for someone with the proper experience. 
I will insulate you from as much BS as I can if you're working with me on 

I have fairly detailed RFPs available for both of these, contact me 
off-list if you would like me to send them to you and indicate what format 
you prefer (.doc, RTF, PDF, plain text).



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