[jobs] Computer consultant - Wall st area

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Sun Jul 5 23:22:07 EDT 2009

Computer consultant needed to help with maintenance of computer 
infrastructure for small, 3 person, office.

The office consists of 2 FreeBSD servers, 3 Windows Machines and one Linux 

Duties will usually be troubleshoot software and hardware problems, install 
new computers, upgrade software.

Please include your rates, availability and your experience on the 
technologies listed above.

This is a company I used to help and don't have the time to respond as fast 
as they need.

Most of the time the issue is the windows machines: printer not working, 
can't see the printer, problems with anti-virus, etc..

I usually update the FreeBSD machines once a year and other than a hard 
drive dying (both machines with RAID) there are virtually no issues with the 
FreeBSD servers.

Recently installed a Linux machine with VMware + Windows since I was 
thinking on moving them on that direction (copy VM to server monthly and 
easily restore client machine after a crash).

The company needs someone who can respond to a call same day or at the 
latest next day. They need the person to come to their office and do the 
work during business hours. Ideally the work will be done same day or first 
thing next day (ie be there next day by 9am or earlier).

If anyone has the time to work with this company, or knows of someone who 
does please put them in contact with me. 

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