[jobs] Sysadmin job at Medialets - mobile + big data

Eric Litman eric.litman at medialets.com
Sat Oct 3 17:46:04 EDT 2009

We're the #1 rich media ad and analytics platform for mobile  
(particularly iPhone/Android/other smartphones) and we're growing. We  
have thousands of developers using our platform and tens of millions  
of devices reporting back to us on a regular basis. Our backend is a  
mix of managed Linux boxes and AWS, with services you'd both expect  
and hope for:

syslog-ng + Splunk for log aggregation
Hadoop + (Hive, HBase, etc.) for data aggregation
MySQL (particularly Percona's builds) for reporting)
Nagios/cacti/... for monitoring
LDAP for auth

We have lots of boxes and lots of data. We continue to think through  
new means of managing both of those, and are always open to innovation  
that helps to improve scalability and drive down cost.

We're looking for someone to join our ops team to manage boxes,  
services and data in line with what I've described above.

Drop me a note if you're interested.



Eric A. Litman, Chairman & CEO, Medialets
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