[jobs] Looking for work

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Sat Jan 30 13:40:04 EST 2010

Hi all,

My current contract is expiring soon, so I'm officially back on the job 
market and looking for work.  I currently live in Boston, but have good 
experience working with companies in New York.  I am willing to commute to 
New York for two days every week.  I am open to short term contract, long 
term contract, and (potentially) full time positions.

My skillset is primarily Unix Systems Administration and MySQL Database 
Administration.  I also have good LDAP and LAMP development experience. 
I'm also experienced in software like Apache, Nagios, Cacti, SpamAssassin, 
RT, Amavis, etc.  My *nix of choice is FreeBSD, but I'm also experienced 
in RHEL/CentOS and other Linux flavors.

My latest task included a year-long project to migrate an entire data 
center setup to a new provider and fix daily site outages.  Systems at the 
new data center were setup with common operating system installs, 
centralized syslogging, accounting/authorization with LDAP, and solid 
monitoring (nagios/cacti).  A significant portion of the contract focused 
on implementing better MySQL practices, which included performance tuning, 
cleaning up old data, standardizing application users, auditing table 
types, backups, and replication.

I also spent a lot of time working to clean up the code base, tune the 
webserver configuration, setup proper revision control/code deployment, 
and help implement caching strategies.

My resume can be found here:


Thanks everyone!


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