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George Neville-Neil gnn at neville-neil.com
Wed Jul 6 11:25:13 EDT 2011

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I've been contacted via LinkedIn by someone looking for a FreeBSD Consultant
for a short term job in Melville.  Here is what I know about the job:

> George - we have a client that had a custom application written - the client invested many hours and dollars into this application and the developer and the client parted ways - the developer sent the program and the server that they said they were working on, which was a Linux based server, back to the client.  IDP came into to connect this server to their network and attempted to gain access to the program and met with failure.
> The programmer just this weekend confessed that the software was written on  a different server running Free BSD and that when they moved it to Linux they were unsuccessful also.  Needless to say lawsuit's have been filed and there is a war related to this application currently.
> But the client asked, since he possess the application on CD, if we could find a FreeBSD technician who can help install FreeBSD and then install the application.
> Sounds simple right - think you can suggest someone who could help.  Client is in Melville and we can give the proper party remote access to the server

Contact me directly if you want to pursue this one.

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