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Hello Everyone,


I have an Operations Engineer opportunity with a company in a spot to directly compete with iTunes in the very near future. Our client has over 10,000,000 registered members in Europe and just this week officially announced their upcoming US launch. This is for someone who loves a challenging operations role (keeping a system running while streaming to hundreds of millions of users) and also appreciates music, small teams and a collaborative environment.

Below is a more detailed description of this position and company. This is a full-time permenant position in Manhattan. I am happy to share the details of the company and the position with any interested parties. 


"We want to connect millions of people with their favorite songs and create a service that people love to use. We believe music should be easily accessible and that listening to music will make people live richer lives. We want to create a win-win situation for people who love listening to music and people who love creating music.

Our work environment is exciting, informal, friendly, fun, and very demanding. As an operations engineer you are part of the operations team working on the development and maintenance of the production environment.

The primary mission of the operations team is to make sure that the music never stops streaming.

Working at this company you get an unique chance to work with very large scale systems, millions of users and an incredibly fast-growing environment. Key areas of focus are: automation, a structured approach to system development and a sense for building scalable systems.

The system which feeds all these streams is a diverse and technically challenging environment. The service we operate is comprised of a large number of applications running on hundreds of servers in multiple locations around the world. Our platform is built with a special focus on scalability, using mostly Free/Libre Open Source Software.

With all this in mind, we are looking for a colleague who will shoulder the following responsibilities:

	- Making sure our product works. 

	- Development and design of the systems used to operate our applications, with a focus on automation and maintainability at large scale. 

	- Deployment of hardware and software in the production environment. 

	- Troubleshooting and analysing applications, networks and hardware. 

	- Collaboration with the development team on operations-related issues, providing support and acting as stakeholder.

The ideal candidate is hardworking, motivated and responsible. A university education is a plus but not required- most important is the desire and motivation to learn, strong sense of ownership and drive.

	- Very good understanding of Linux/Unix based server systems. 

	- Experience with configuration management tools for example: Puppet, Chef, cfengine or FAI. 

	- Deep knowledge of IP-networking. 

	- Experience with maintaining and troubleshooting complex and critical IT-systems. 

	- Very sharp analytical skills. 

	- Excellent written and spoken English skills. 

	- Knowledge of at least one scripting language (bash, perl, python, etc) 

	- Debian GNU/Linux knowledge a plus. 

	- Experience with revision control systems a plus."

If you are already working with a Winter Wyman recruiter, please contact them directly; otherwise, please send your resume and contact information with the expectation of confidentiality to Sabrina McGrail - smcgrail at winterwyman.com or call 212-616-3527.





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