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Mon Aug 13 18:09:54 EDT 2012

Hi Again!
If you identify yourself in this role, please feel free to reach out to me
for more info... I don't so much care for a resume just yet, unless if you
are compelled to send it. Rather, I would love to learn more about you to
see if we have a match!

This is a great opportunity for a Hot Start-Up (many say the hottest on
this coast). Recognized name in 'micro-blogging', well backed by VC's,
already ranking top 20 world-wide in internet traffic (~ 5 Years since
creation). Slated for an IPO in the foreseeable future.

Great opportunity for a competetive Base + Equity (options).

If you see yourself in this role, let's talk!
To narrow it down, this requires someone from a high-traffic website or
start-up, experienced in an outward facing website but to work on back-end
services in helping to scale, optimize performance, and much much more
while leveraging some really cool, new open source technologies.
Relevant Skills: Ruby, PHP, C, Expert Core Java or C++ will be considered
also, complemented with a NoSQL DB, and Popular Big Data/Open Source Stacks
are appealing as well.

Please read below:

 *Location:* New York, NY *Department:* Engineering *Type:* Full Time *Min.
Experience:* Experienced

A veteran back-end developer who likes to take things apart — and then put
them back together with twice the efficiency and half the code.

*What you'll do:*

·                 Improve the back-end of our core application, refactoring
or even rearchitecting entire components to boost performance and reduce

·                 Develop powerful tooling and automation software, capable
of operating on hundreds of servers concurrently

·                 Help scale our fast-growing data stores, and the app code
that interacts with them

·                 Work closely with our Web Operations, Platform Services,
and Product teams to improve site reliability

*What we're looking for:*

·                 A pragmatic problem-solver capable of troubleshooting
complex performance issues at any level of the stack

·                 5+ years of professional web development experience

·                 Familiarity with relational databases as well as NoSQL

·                 Extensive knowledge of Linux

·                 Curiosity, smarts, and equal willingness to learn and

*Tools we like:*

·                 Ruby

·                 PHP 5

·                 C

·                 MySQL (InnoDB)

·                 Memcached

·                 Redis

·                 Hadoop and HBase

·                 Graph databases (FlockDB, Neo4j, etc)

·                 Puppet

·                 Gearman

·                 Nginx

Thank You!

Chintan Vora


cvora at solomonpage.com
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