[jobs] The Hottest Start-Up in NYC- Back End Services Engineer

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Tue Aug 14 02:37:23 EDT 2012

On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 07:06:49PM -0400, Chin SPG wrote:
> Pete,
> With all due respect, this is a job opening that I am actively working on,
> and can help a qualified candidate in landing this role for a highly
> coveted employer.
> If the group is only limited to hearing about *BSD Unix related
> opportunities, then I will be limited in my abilities to help.
> However, there are folks that have already reached out to me from this
> group that take joy, and professionally focus on activities in working
> on challenges outside of a *BSD Unix.
> Further, one may stand to benefit tremendously to reap the rewards from
> this opportunity while addressing technical challenges in scaling,
> performance, throughput, and more- it's a scope that's transferrable, in my
> humble opinion, and can leverage expertise developed by working on an
> Advanced Operating System (FreeBSD) and its peripheral components that many
> folks that contribute to it are innately equiped with. I guess it's for
> those that have a platform agnostic and open attitude and are more so
> driven by technical challenges- no matter what the environments are coined.
> BTW, Am I really that off?

I am just saying that this mailing list is inteded for *BSD Unix related
jobs and as such is most likely OT for this list.

> Anyhow, I am only exposing this role to the group for a client that I have
> a successful track record of doing business with, and can lend an
> additional peek behind the scenes to prepare someone that's interested and
> well qualified for.
> If you are not interested in taking this on, I totally understand.
> Thank you for your suggestion, by the way- perhaps, I am barking up the
> wrong tree...
> However, looking at the archives, I would hope that this group is open to
> hearing about the wealth of opportunities that I'm working on in order to
> gain exposure to what's hot now in the market. From folks I have spoken
> with, I feel as though there's a much wider talent pool than you give this
> group credit for, Pete.

so I'm not sure what you are trying to imply here aside from trying to
insult one the original members of this usergroup....granted it is a
monday so i should probably just have unsubscribed from a mailing list
that I helped created as a resource for the BSD Unix community in


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