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Tue Aug 14 10:25:16 EDT 2012

Good Morning,
I must apologize for the mixed signals from the limited job description I
sent out yesterday. Moving forward, please trust that these are viable and
top-tier clients of mine, and they hire my services to find them technical
experts in their respective fields. Please read on for
further clarifications below.

1.) The title of the job is: Core Applications Engineer <~ This is not a
Sys Admin role- It's more development with systems engineering
Notice: Web development, and Back-End Developer are near the top of the
Also, the role is in NYC.

2.) To be a little more forthcoming, just over the weekend, I placed the
Director of Search Infrastructure for this client, and can speak from
direct experience that these people are in the next phase in turning a
corner towards profitability, increase in valuation, and exploring
additional, unique revenue streams. Still, their valuation is close to a
Billion while they are still operating pretty lean (just about 100
employees). This is the perfect time to get into the action to gain some
equity stake...

3.) The aforementioned hot start-up  is Tumblr. I'm hoping many of you have
tracked its exponential growth...

On a side note, I'm pretty blind to the skills each person
specifically employs. I understand the binding fabric would be BSD Unix,
but from the people I have spoken with thus far, the group is diverse in
their environments and job functions. I am looking forward to the next
event to take the opportunity to meet, and understand my audience. Maybe
that's why I'm not hitting the right notes- just yet!

Thank You!
Chintan Vora
cvora at solomonpage.com
On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 6:09 PM, Chin SPG <opencv4me at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Again!
> If you identify yourself in this role, please feel free to reach out to me
> for more info... I don't so much care for a resume just yet, unless if you
> are compelled to send it. Rather, I would love to learn more about you to
> see if we have a match!
> This is a great opportunity for a Hot Start-Up (many say the hottest on
> this coast). Recognized name in 'micro-blogging', well backed by VC's,
> already ranking top 20 world-wide in internet traffic (~ 5 Years since
> creation). Slated for an IPO in the foreseeable future.
> Great opportunity for a competetive Base + Equity (options).
> If you see yourself in this role, let's talk!
> To narrow it down, this requires someone from a high-traffic website or
> start-up, experienced in an outward facing website but to work on back-end
> services in helping to scale, optimize performance, and much much more
> while leveraging some really cool, new open source technologies.
> Relevant Skills: Ruby, PHP, C, Expert Core Java or C++ will be considered
> also, complemented with a NoSQL DB, and Popular Big Data/Open Source Stacks
> are appealing as well.
> Please read below:
>  *Location:* New York, NY *Department:* Engineering *Type:* Full Time *Min.
> Experience:* Experienced
> A veteran back-end developer who likes to take things apart — and then put
> them back together with twice the efficiency and half the code.
> *What you'll do:*
> ·                 Improve the back-end of our core application,
> refactoring or even rearchitecting entire components to boost performance
> and reduce complexity
> ·                 Develop powerful tooling and automation software,
> capable of operating on hundreds of servers concurrently
> ·                 Help scale our fast-growing data stores, and the app
> code that interacts with them
> ·                 Work closely with our Web Operations, Platform
> Services, and Product teams to improve site reliability
> *What we're looking for:*
> ·                 A pragmatic problem-solver capable of troubleshooting
> complex performance issues at any level of the stack
> ·                 5+ years of professional web development experience
> ·                 Familiarity with relational databases as well as NoSQL
> solutions
> ·                 Extensive knowledge of Linux
> ·                 Curiosity, smarts, and equal willingness to learn and
> teach
> *Tools we like:*
> ·                 Ruby
> ·                 PHP 5
> ·                 C
> ·                 MySQL (InnoDB)
> ·                 Memcached
> ·                 Redis
> ·                 Hadoop and HBase
> ·                 Graph databases (FlockDB, Neo4j, etc)
> ·                 Puppet
> ·                 Gearman
> ·                 Nginx
> Thank You!
> Chintan Vora
> 212-403-6103
> cvora at solomonpage.com
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