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Leif Blomquist LeifRecruiter at functionxinc.com
Wed Feb 29 09:23:49 EST 2012

Hi All,

I work for Function(x), a technology driven media company here in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.  We just launched our first product/company dubbed Viggle<http://viggle.com/>, the first of its kind loyalty/rewards program for watching TV.  If you have a smartphone (we've launched on the iOS platform, Android is coming soon) and a TV, you can start earning REAL rewards (like movie tickets, music, gift cards and much, much more) right away.

We're looking to add to our small (we're about 10 total engineers deep right now) yet growing team to help build out the infrastructure of Viggle further (read more here http://bit.uz/fQc).  We've been getting some great press (see articles here: http://bit.ly/xydRwE) and there are some unique engineering/scaling challenges (think hundreds of millions of people "checking in" to their favorite TV shows at the same time, think mobile networking issues, etc.) that you'll face from day one.

This also is not just a one-trick pony.  Yes we've launched a popular mobile app but there will be other products/companies underneath the Function(x)<http://www.functionxinc.com/> umbrella (Viggle is the first). So, we're hiring<http://bit.ly/zBj4FQ> across the board (Software, Big Data, Quality, Web and Mobile Engineers) but of particular importance are Linux System Engineers.  We are in start-up mode (although we're fully capitalized<http://www.functionxinc.com/pr/functionx-announces-placement-of-35-million-equity-offering-of-common-stock-and-warrants/> and publicly traded under the symbol FNCX) so you should expect to wear multiple hats, caps, sombrero's - whatever you fancy.

We’re in the process of building a great team<http://www.functionxinc.com/team/> of technologists to support great ideas – we’re not afraid to choose the best technology for the job, from Java to Scala to Node.js to Rails to the iOS and Android platforms. We use open source (sans iOS) and want our engineers to contribute back to the projects we use. Our development processes are agile and transparent.

We're led by Geir Magnusson<http://www.functionxinc.com/team-members/geir-magnusson/>, an internationally known leader and advocate in the open source space. He's founded several significant open source projects such as Apache Geronimo and Apache Harmony.

If building out a new infrastructure from the ground up, that will potentially be used by millions of Americans (and beyond), and working on a growing team of technologists with world class leadership interests you, then we should talk.

Let me know what you think by replying to this e-mail or applying directly to the following link: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=orxcWfwQ&s=NYC_BSD_Mailing_List

If you're not interested or it's not the right time, let's stay in touch (via LinkedIn<http://www.linkedin.com/in/leifblomquist>, perhaps). If you know anyone that would be interested, feel free to pass along my contact information.


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