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Michael Bubb michael.bubb at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 11:38:24 EST 2012

Hello -

We are looking for a UNIX SysAdmin with networking skills. We use FreeBSD
(straight up as well as in 'appliances' like pfsense and freenas). Looking
to optimize our production and development networks, we are a developer
heavy shop and have very data thirsty applications that we have trouble
feeding fast enough. We have 2 colo datacenter cages and a 20 rack server
room as well as a few hundred managed datacenter/ AWS instances. We are
pretty much at capacity so we will be expanding upn this.

Most of our servers are Linux Ubuntu/Debian/Centos but some of the key log
processing servers and our haproxy servers are BSD.

We are in the middle of centralizing a number of our processes and are
hiring reliability engineers and network engineers.
SAGE level III - ish, if that has meaning to you.

I think of it as more of a SysAdmin role with networking rather than a
'Network Engineer' in a Cisco sense.

I haven't posted to this list so am not sure what the protocol for posting
links. We have a career page at collective (dot) com. Look for the "Network
Engineer" position.

Collective is a great place to do IT. Past being a startup but still a
dynamic place.

Feel free to email me questions.


Michael Bubb   +1.646.783.8769

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