[jobs] Seeking Web Platform Audit

Jimmy B. jpb at jimby.name
Fri Oct 12 14:05:27 EDT 2012

Hello jobs@,

We are looking for an information security audit / review
of our web services platform.  Our platform consists
of Plone 4.2 content management, Varnish cache engine
and Nginx web servers.

Our needs are to have someone very knowledgeable in all
three products review our configurations in detail and
provide some recommendations on securing the content,
users, and filesystems. This is not just a vulnerability

We estimate about 20 hours of work are involved.

If you have expertise in all three, please contact
me off list for details.

We already have a proposal from a reputable firm, but
want to see if there is other interest/capability.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Jim Brown

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