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Wed Jan 30 17:07:03 EST 2013

Hello again,

I thought this might be an interesting look for anyone that's interested in
working at a successful start-up. *BSD is part of the environment, albeit
this role is seeking a Network Engineer with expertise in F5 load balancers
and Juniper as well.

Further details below:

The Ops team is a fluid and dynamic group. We work tightly with all of the
development groups to bring a "full-stack" perspective on how the
application and infrastructure are working together to provide availability
and performance while still allowing for the great amount of change we
want. The team strives for situational awareness; we know that failure
happens, and sometimes we even cause them to happen on purpose. Being nice
is a requirement. You will likely learn more about collaboration at this
company better than you have anywhere else.  The current team has bow
hunters, marathon runners, and an award-winning sound engineer on it.

*About the Job*

   - Building and maintaining the infrastructure, from installed iron to
   - Taking part in a 24x7 on-call rotation
   - Installing, upgrading, and configuring F5 & Firewall
   - Maintaining F5 load balancers for objects, checks, servers, and irules
   - Tightly cooperating and collaborating with development, product,
   community and customer care
   - IP subnetting Troubleshooting L2 and L3 connectivity, Opensource
   - Troubleshooting IP protocol, Deep knowledge
   - Working with vlans on the cores and access switches Troubleshooting
   global dns

*About You

   - Able to write and create and maintain automation and monitoring scripts
   - Experience with f5 virtual servers, nodes, checks, and irules
   - Understanding of IP routing, familiar with multicast environments
   - Knows how to subnet, including slash notation and CIDR Must have
   worked in a web application environment
   - Must be very comfortable with the linux networking area, and have good
   troubleshooting skills with linux network
   - Good understanding of network security, including understanding of
   firewall rules
   - Understand what a MIB is, and the limits of SNMP
   - Knowledge of Cacti and Nagios
   - Understands packet capture, TCP Dump, Wireshark, IDS/IPS
   - Calm under pressure

If you know about the following, it’s a plus

   - Netflow Nexus switches
   - IPSEC / openvpn
   - Openbsd

Please contact me:
Chintan Vora
cvora at solomonpage.com
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