[jobs] Current Open Postings From a US Nationwide Consulting Company

jpb jpb at jimby.name
Mon Apr 20 11:13:35 EDT 2020

Hello All,

I now work for a consulting company (the fourth in my career) named
Resolvit.  Here are current postings, as of April 1, 2020.

See the link below for each job.  Obviously things change from day to day
but I was informed by the recruiter that these are still current.
The job location is shown on the last line of the posting.
I don't know if any of these are remote work-able.

Anyway, the complete list is at:  https://jobs.crelate.com/portal/resolvit

You can follow up with 

Noah Thomas noah.thomas at resolvit.com

for anything you are interested in.

Best Regards,
Jim B.

Intelligence Analyst
As the Intelligence Analyst, you will collect, review, interpret,...
- Washington, DC |Posted 4/15/2020 | Job # 152

Drupal Developer
As the Drupal Developer, you will assist in the planning, configuration,..
- Rosslyn, VA |Posted 4/15/2020 | Job # 151

Java Developer
As the Java Developer, you will install and configure OCP. You will...
- Fort Meade, MD |Posted 4/15/2020 | Job # 150

Business Operations Professional
As the Business Operations Professional, you will...
- San Jose, CA |Posted 4/15/2020 | Job # 148

PHP Developer
As the PHP Developer, you will provide full-stack development capabilities...
- Overland Park, KS |Posted 4/15/2020 | Job # 146

Front End Developer
As the Front End Developer, you will identify and uphold front end...
- Portland, OR |Posted 4/13/2020 | Job # 144

Scrum Master
As the Scrum Master, you will provide servant leadership and mentorship to a...
- Cincinnati, OH |Posted 4/13/2020 | Job # 143

NetApp Storage Management Consultant
As the NetApp Storage Management Consultant, you...
- Buffalo, NY |Posted 4/13/2020 | Job # 141

NetApp Storage Management Consultant
As the NetApp Storage Management Consultant, you...
- Saint Louis, MO |Posted 4/13/2020 | Job # 142

Senior Application Analyst and Developer
As the Senior Application Analyst and Developer,...
- Cincinnati, OH |Posted 4/9/2020 | Job # 114

Back End Services Developer
As the Back End Services Developer, you will support projects...
- Cincinnati, OH |Posted 4/9/2020 | Job # 137

UX Digital Expert
As the UX Digital Expert, you will create products that provide relevant...
- Cincinnati, OH |Posted 4/2/2020 | Job # 133

Compliance Analyst
As the Compliance Analyst, you will engage with policy owners and...
- Raleigh, NC |Posted 4/1/2020 | Job # 127

IAM Architect
As the IAM Architect, you will implement Okta platform and related...
- Chicago, IL |Posted 4/1/2020 | Job # 132

IAM Engineer / Developer
As the IAM Engineer / Developer, you will implement the Okta...
- Chicago, IL |Posted 4/1/2020 | Job # 131

Service Delivery Coordinator
As the Service Delivery Coordinator, you will utilize Level...
- Fort Worth, TX |Posted 4/1/2020 | Job # 129

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