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Sun May 3 14:09:22 EDT 2020

Hello NYCBUG, 

I run a small (3 full-timers + subcontractors) managed service provider in NYC that provides ultra-charming "white glove" technical support to small NYC businesses with serious privacy & compliance requirements. Personally, I have over 20 years of FreeBSD experience. 

If you're in a similar boat and would be interested in sharing skills/staff/clients/cocktail recipes, feel free to hit me up—maybe we can help each other out in these tough times. 

I'm looking to hire a systems-focused intern who at a minimum has: 
• Fluency in some operating system, including program/package management, and file copying/editing (both CLI and graphically). 
• Internet fluency, including using a file transfer protocol to move files between servers. 
• Strong English communication skills including writing and following clear and concise documentation. 
• Has competency in one or more of the following: OS installation and maintenance, scripting, hardware, or networking. 
• Can accept calls in a quiet, professional setting during their entire shift. 

Significant growth opportunities are available to a candidate who has the above and: 
• Excellent customer service skills and experience. 
• Commute to and among New York City boroughs. 

Part-time is OK but we're ideally looking for someone who can grow into a full-time role in a few months, lockdown permitting. Note that the emphasis of this job is IT service, system administration, and networks, and for people interested in a career in those areas. BSD-wise, there will be daily work with pf, jail, ZFS, bhyve, and more. More detail about the company and a growth opportunity is here: https://www.indeed.com/job/technical-support-representative-0d8e0b7e8c8f096c 

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. All humans are encouraged to apply directly to jobs at belltech.it with a résumé and cover letter. 

Daniel Bell 
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